Puerto Rico's first major wrestling organisation, FREEDOM Caribbean Wrestling was created in 2007 by national hero Puerto Rican Power and his close friend Shawn Gonzalez. With the demise of DAVE just a few months earlier they felt that there was a gap in the market and an obvious pool of newly unemployed talent that they could tap into.

The focus of the promotion is on a traditional type of wrestling with strong characters helping draw fans to the arena to see hard-hitting action. Puerto Rican Power's phenomenal popularity is the key to their entire operation however. The tragic death of Shawn Gonzalez in 2011 hit the promotion hard, but they have regrouped since and are continuing to make steady progress.






Road AgentsEdit

Tag TeamsEdit

Current title holders Edit

Championship Current Champion Date won Date aired
FCW People's Championship Ox Mastadon Week 1, November 2015 Week 1, November 2015
FCW Puerto Rican Championship Hell's Bouncer Week 1, July 2015 Week 1, July 2015
FCW Tag Team Championship Kid San Juan and Island Boy Apollo Week 1, July 2015 Week 1, July 2015


  • January - FREEDOM Fighters
  • February - The Fight For FREEDOM
  • March - FREEDOM Of The City
  • April - FREEDOM Of Speech
  • May - FREEDOM Or Death
  • June - FREEDOM's Fury
  • July - The FREEDOM Movement
  • August - FREEDOM's Children
  • September - FREEDOM Of Expression
  • October - FREEDOM's Gate
  • November - FREEDOM To Choose
  • December - One Night Of FREEDOM