Jim Force


Jim Force is a former bodybuilder that sports a ‘power and paint’ gimmick. This face-painted powerhouse first came to attention with the Supreme Wrestling Federation in the late 1990’s. He would go on to win the SWF North American title twice, and came very close to the SWF World title on several occasions. He was eventually released in 2000; as the booking team of that era could no longer hide his sub-par in-ring skills. After a brief one-night appearance in Danger and Violence Extreme, he went on hiatus for awhile, before reappearing in United States Pro Wrestling in 2002. He would go on to become a four-time USPW World Champion, and is currently one of their biggest stars.


Basic InfoEdit

  • Real Name: Kevin Peter Jefferson
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 285 lbs.
  • Birth Date: May 14, 1974
  • Birth Place: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Resides: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Billed From: The Force Nation
  • Debut:

Signature MovesEdit

  • Full Force (Suplex Powerslam)
  • Flying Double Axe Handle

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